Monday, September 8, 2014

This lady is in waiting for her new husband to walk down the path to meet her. She is standing there what I would assume is her wedding dress. It is hard to make out the back ground but what I am guessing she is standing under a big ole tree.  The flowers are done is a yellow with blue ribbon.  Her shoes are red high hills.  The picture was taken in New York.
  There is a stamp on the bottom of the picture.  Asking $30.00 for her.

Shabby Chic Lighted End Table that can be used as a pet's bed...

  This is a shabby chic white end table. It has a LED light that plugs in. You can take the pet bed out and display anything that you would like. It has been waxed twice. Please check out my page at Jason's Jazzed up Junk. Asking $35.00 for it. Located in Mt.Vernon Mo.